One thought on “DSC_0174

  1. Some Facts–1. McCAIN picked Palin after MEETING HER TWICE IN HIS LIFE!!2. Sarah Palin wears glsesas to make her look “smarter”..hee hee Ask her about her eyeglass prescription…SHE HAS NONE.3. She preaches “ABSTINENCE”..yet her teenaged daughter is PREGNANT. I guess bringing her on stage the first night would have not looked too good….4. She has 5 young children including a 5 month old BABY with Downs syndrome. Excuse me, but the VP job is 24/7. Looks like McCain has early alzheimers at BEST!!5. She would deny YOUR DAUGHTER the right to an abortion, EVEN in CASES of RAPE OR INCEST!!!WOW….Mind Numbing, isnt it??????

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