Creekside Eagle Blast !!Special Addition!!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Our Fun Run is TOMORROW and we still have a ways to go to reach our $27,000 goal!  We are currently 85% there which is GREAT!   Because of the wonderful fundraising we have so far, we are able to provided 60 meals to the needy!
We are raising funds to help fund grade-level field trips as well as enhance each teachers classroom library. The Boosterthon Fun Run is the primary fundraiser at Creekside.  The success of this program keeps us from having to hold additional fundraisers throughout the year. If we reach our goal, we will not have to hound our family members, neighbors or friends again for the rest of the year!!!  

Here are SOME of the amazing things the Creekside Elementary School PTA is fortunate to fund with the money we raise:

Each Classroom Teacher receives $200 to spend in their classrooms EVERY YEAR!!
Resource Teachers receive $200-$800 to spend on their programs every year
Specials Teachers receive $600 to spend on specials for our students every year
That’s a total of $15,000 which goes DIRECTLY to our teachers!!!

We offer a Teachers Grant Program worth $15,000!  Teachers have been awarded funds to purchase technology, playground equipment, books, teaching materials, educational games, seminar fees, classroom furniture and rugs and much much more!  This money goes right back to our teachers!!!

Funds also support FREE Enrichment Programs for our Students and Community
International Night
Science Week 
Science Night
Battle of the Books
Science Olympiad
All-Pro Dads
Owl Pellets for 5th Grade Science
Field Trip Assistance (to make field trips accessible to ALL of our students)
A Free Book for Each Student on their Birthday
Family Fun Nights 

Other (lesser known) PTA sponsored activities:
Grounds Beautification – the PTA is responsible for the planting and upkeep of all the gardens around campus.
Teacher Appreciation – we love our Creekside teachers and treat them to monthly activities to show them just how much we appreciate them. These activities have included: staffing the lounge with snacks and meals, providing lunch or breakfast, sponsoring Teacher Appreciation Week events like mini massages, snow cones and BBQs. We were even able to surprise our teachers and staff with a lounge makeover a few years ago!!

We cannot do this without YOUR help!  Please help your student earn pledges for this Friday’s Fun Run so that we can continue to do such great work at Creekside! LOG ONTO FUNRUN.COM TO REGISTER YOUR CHILDREN AND ENTER PLEDGES. You can also record pledges manually and then collect after the fun run and send in cash or checks. Donors may also donate a flat fee. Please support the Fun Run!


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