Special Edition Eagle Blast

February 3, 2017

We need your help NOW!

Legislation has been passed (HB 13) that addresses Class Size and Teacher Allotments. The result of this bill could mean the elimination of the Elementary Art, Music and PE programs across the state starting with the 2017-2018 school year.

What we know:

  • The General Assembly passed a bill (HB 13) that lowers the limits of class size with no waivers for expanding those allotments.
  • No additional funding was provided to pay for the projected 102 additional teachers Durham would need to hire, to be in compliance with the law. Schools across North Carolina may be forced to cut or reduce programs to cover that expense. The areas affected are ART, MUSIC and PE.
  • A new bill was introduced on Wednesday (1/25) that tweaked these numbers a bit, but not enough to keep our Arts and PE programs across NC.
  • The unintended cost of this bill did not include funding Durham’s 102 additional classroom spaces, purchasing furniture, resources and more.

Durham Public Schools’ Board of Education finds this decision unacceptable and is encouraging our PARENTS, COMMUNITY AND KIDS to call/ write/ draw/ send messages ANY WAY THEY CAN to inform the General Assembly that what may have sounded like a good idea, is having a major, negative impact on our schools.

DPS is also committed to keeping our programs as best we can, as we are described as the “STAND UP, STAND OUT” (Minnie Forte Brown) school system. We are not afraid to speak up, and to craft our programs that address the needs of the whole, well rounded child.


Write, draw, call, email…

1. General Assembly in Raleigh saying “SAVE THE ART, MUSIC AND PE PROGRAMS IN OUR STATE” and revise the allotment/class size bill.
Durham County House and Senate Representatives can be found here

2. Durham Public Schools’ Board of Education to say “THANK YOU” for speaking up and being so supportive.
Email Address’ can be found here

3. Durham’s Legislators to say thank you as we have been told support our well-rounded education programs with no program cuts.
Your Local Representative can be found by entering your zip/addresshere

Please help our legislators see how important
Art, Music and PE are to our children,
our schools and our community! 


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