The Roles of Parents (as published by NC PTA)

The Two Roles of Parents:
Child’s First Educator and School Partner

Parents share responsibility for their children’s education. Involved parents are those who:

• Send to school a child who is ready and eager to learn, self-disciplined
and prepared to accept the authority of school staff. Parents make sure
the child understands and follows school rules.

• Supervise homework assignments as needed.

• Seek the advice of teachers to understand their children’s growth
and learning. Share information that will help school staff plan for their

• Learn about school programs, curriculum, regulations and procedures, and actively support them.

• Show commitment to education by attending parent-teacher conferences, open houses, PTA meetings, student concerts, and other school programs whenever possible.

• Understand the work for the passage of school funding initiatives.

• Understand the need for professional development programs for teachers. Attend programs to learn about current issues and trends in education, when possible, to open the way for informed discussion, mutual respect and teamwork.


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